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A Q&A with college-age twins about fashion

Written by Suzannah Koop

Samantha (Sam) and Tabitha (Tabby) Masters are 20-year-old fraternal twins and Central Michigan University students from Shelby Charter Township, Mich. Finding your own style can be challenging, and the Masters sisters have each been able to find their own unique style despite growing up right alongside each other. Here's what they had to say.

1. How would you describe your style now?

Sam: "My style is currently very, very casual. I like to throw on whatever is comfiest after I get home from work, which some may call beach trash chic."

Tabby: "95 percent of everything I wear is from a thrift shop or from my mom, so I guess kinda a retro 80's or 90's style. I'd like to think its hip."

Samantha Masters

2. When did you start finding your own personal style?

S: "I remember in middle school wanting to fit in with everyone’s Abercrombie and Fitch styles, but by freshman year of high school I realized I’d rather buy cheap thrifted clothes and wear much different makeup looks than all the so-called 'popular girls."

T: "I started wearing a lot of men's clothing towards the end of middle school. Looking back, it was not at all stylish but I was going for more of the baggy, masculine look at the time."

3. What do you like about each other's style?

S: "I always wished I had more of Tabby's style in high school. I looked up to how she could pull off button downs and bright colors. Now I think our styles have gotten a lot more similar."

T: "Sam can pull off work out clothes and mom jeans equally well and I'm forever jealous of that. Sam's not afraid to wear whatever she wants or whatever she's most comfortable in, which is very refreshing."

Tabitha Masters

4. Do you feel like you were/are compared to each other a lot when you were younger/now?

S: "When we were babies, we only wore matching outfits on special occasions, so we weren’t like many other twins whose parents dressed them identically to each other. I think it’s human nature to observe other people and compare yourself to them, but I never felt overly competitive or jealous when comparing myself to Tabby."

T: "Being fraternal twins definitely helped with avoiding the matching outfits. Because we weren't identical, I feel like we were perceived more independently. But, even now when someone finds out we are twins, they pick out all our similarities and differences whether its physical features, style or personality."

5. Do you often share clothes or do you prefer having your own pieces?

S: "We never shared clothes when we were younger, but now that we go to the same college and since we're the same size, I’ll often ask tabby to borrow her clothes or let her borrow mine when we go out together. It’s actually very convenient!"

T: "We didn’t share too many clothes when we were younger, but now that we are pretty much the same size and have a similar style we definitely swap clothes. I don’t own anything that would be off limits for Sam to wear. If I'm not wearing it someone should utilize it."

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