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Androgyny is more than an Aesthetic

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

Written by: Gabby Beauvais

Photos taken by: MJ Maldonado

Imagine going out to your local coffee shop and the barista is an individual with a sharp jawline, cleft chin and long dreads draping over their shoulders. You take note of their figure, broad shoulders and what appears to be pectoral muscles. This barista is wearing a loose red short-sleeve shirt over a camel long sleeve. They also have on black cargo pants accessorized with a metal chain belt and some Nike kicks.

You then glance over to your right at an individual drinking their coffee. This individual has very soft features, and you notice whilst they sip their coffee, their hand is adorned in an assortment of eclectic rings. This individual is wearing an oversized long-sleeve t-shirt, with a belt cinching their waist paired with platform shoes. Of this individual, you take note that they have a curvaceous figure.

What if I told you the first individual is a woman and the second, a man? Would you be surprised? Maybe you see nothing wrong with these descriptions, so why do these people cause such controversy?

According to society, both break gender norms. That is what androgyny is all about. Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics to describe those who do not fit the binary mold of male or female.

Androgyny is not a new concept or innovative idea – it’s been around since the 70’s, think back to David Bowie and Michael Jackson.

The trend has resurfaced to the forefront of pop culture in recent years. A few of today’s celebrities who either exemplify it in their daily life or have been seen rocking the aesthetic are Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, Ruby Rose and Zendaya Coleman.

Fashion has just begun to blur the lines, with a rising number of collections becoming genderless, from Kanye West to Louis Vuitton.

Androgyny pushes boundaries and makes people uncomfortable, and people don’t like to be uncomfortable.

Since the beginning of time, society has molded us to believe there are two genders, one way to love and ultimately, a ‘correct’ way to live our lives.

Is androgyny a prelude to where our society is heading?

Millennials pave the way for a new era. An era where there are no longer labels specified for every action or every choice. If you choose to identify one way or not to identify at all, it is a normalcy and not an abnormality.

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