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Business Spotlight: Hazy Chic

Written by Rachael Thomas

Photos courtesy of Hazy Chic / QT Couture, LLC.

If you’re looking for fun prints, bold colors and clothing that flatters any body type, Hazy Chic is your destination.

Hazy Chic is an online womenswear clothing boutique established by the mother and daughter duo, Steffyne and Kenya Glenn of Pontiac, Michigan. Established in 2015, the boutique is a subsidiary of their parent brand, QT Couture, LLC. The drive and entrepreneurial spirit the Glenns share have always been strong; Steffyne ran an online clothing boutique for preteen girls for three years. Although the former business did not survive, the desire to run a successful online clothing boutique still remained.

Steffyne Glenn, co-founder of Hazy Chic

Fast forward to today, Hazy Chic is thriving, and becoming a multifaceted brand. Beyond offering clothing, Steffyne and Kenya maintain a blog and YouTube channel where fashion tips and styling ideas are provided. Originally called QT Couture, the boutique has transformed from originally selling gently-used, affordable clothing to college students, to selling a wider range of new clothing on their newly titled online boutique, Hazy Chic. The name represents clothing that is chic but with an edge. What has remained constant throughout the boutique’s history is the custom clothing Steffyne and Kenya provide. Customers have always been able to request custom made pieces.

Kenya Glenn, co-founder of Hazy Chic

Hazy Chic is the boutique that truly has clothing for any activity in a woman’s life. Whether it be casual and comfortable yet stylish pieces needed for a busy day, or statement pieces for a night out, the boutique has you covered.

Beyond providing clothing to a rapidly growing clientele, Steffyne and Kenya Glenn continuously strive to give back to their community through their brand. Hazy Chic has provided clothes for and sponsored several fashion shows since the brand’s beginnings. The Blue Tie Gala Charity Dinner and Fashion Show in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and the Annual Spring Fashion Show and Vendor Expo put on by the nonprofit organization, GIRDLE (God is Raising Devoted Ladies for Excellence) are just to name a couple. Both of these events encouraged donations to give to various organizations and charitable causes. Hazy Chic has also been involved in smaller events and programs that focus on networking and educational experiences as well as opportunities to mentor youth.

As the official Hazy Chic website is currently under maintenance, you can still shop for their apparel on Poshmark. Custom pieces are sold under the parent brand, QT Couture, LLC., and can be found on Etsy. For styling tips and chances to enter in giveaways, check out the Hazy Chic YouTube channel. To learn more about the brand, check out Hazy Chic on both Instagram and Facebook, @hazychic.

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