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OBU's fashion show "Dawn of a New Era" stunned CMU's campus last Friday

Updated: Mar 26, 2018

Written by Kylie Tharp

Photography and video footage by Jordan Moorhead and Rachael Thomas

Edited by Jordan Moorhead

There are so many words to describe the sheer experience that the OBU Fashion Show left the audience with. The show’s theme this year was “Dawn of a New Era” and that’s exactly the experience the show’s directors gave.

The impressive group of directors consisted of Chloe White, Kendal Shorter, Lorrynda Walthall, and Austin Reeves. To better explain the show’s theme, it was broken into eight sub programs, mixed with performances and different activities that truly incorporated the crowd into the show.

The fashion show opened with an extremely powerful and inspiring introduction video by Roderic Rooks that connected the entire audience regarding what is happening in society today and the change that is needed. This video broke the barriers and labels that are found in races, religions and backgrounds today. This led way to the introduction program where the models came out in all black clothing showing unity and adversity through strength. What a powerful way to start the show!

Then started the separate programs all different than the one before. “Peace and Harmony” paid homage to Native American culture. The native styles where modernized with lots of denim, tees, with accents of traditional symbolism, a mix of warm and cool tones.

The following program “Love” told the story of Hispanic and Latin cultures through love stories. Shown with neutral coloring and pops of reds, luxurious and intricate designs. The story of “Love” was shown through the music mixed with some acting from the models telling the story.

Next, the “Freedom” program looked to Indian culture and the peacefulness and unity they portray. There was a preference of jewel tones in this program, along with loose jumpsuits, collared shirts, flowy dresses and gold jewelry accented. The clothing expressed a light and airy idea while mixing casual and formal styles.

After intermission, Danielle Horton gave an incredible poetry performance. Her performance was so moving in wake of the sexualization and harshness of the world towards women today. Following Danielle, “Respect” showed the powerful and strong African American culture. Through props and music, the story of resilience and actions of change where told. The clothing worn showed street style and hip-hop fashions with fur, sheer fabrics, holographic materials, and bright colors.

Following that, the next scene was “Trust." This program showed the modesty in fashion inspired by Muslim culture. This portion showed peacefulness, layering, light fabrics, women empowerment, and social change all in one. “Hope” gave way to Asian culture and futuristic ideas. The clothing portrayed a mix of classic styles to modernized fashions. Also shown was the wearing of clothing differently than normally intended which really drove home the futuristic aspect of this program.

Lastly, “Unity” was the ultimate coming together of culture into a new era. Simplistic colors where used to make the point that all of us are one. It expressed self-love with body painting of words and drove home the concepts of love and acceptance of each and everyone’s backgrounds, whether that is different than our own. It was an incredible way to end such an inclusive and culturally-appreciative show.

While talking to a few people who attended, they expressed how the show was “fresh and new” and was ultimately “unexpectedly amazing and so empowering”. Others stated the “message of the show put across such a unique, innovative, and breathtaking idea." The show really made way for change in fashion and beyond, starting the “Dawn of a New Era,” with all of those who attended this incredible show.

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