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Road Trippin' through Michigan

Written by and as told to Kylie Tharp

It's still that the time of year we have been waiting for: summer! There is so much to do in Michigan between the many small towns and cities in the summer. If you have some time to spare in between your summer classes, internships, jobs and other things, check out the information below. We spoke with current Central students to learn about their hometown to inspire your next summer road trip.


Written by, photograph courtesy of Lizette LeBoulch

Paint Creek Trail, Rochester MI

Rochester is a city on the north side of metro Detroit. The lively city has many places to shop, eat, and explore. Some of the best spots in Rochester are:

  1. Red Knapp’s is a restaurant that is located directly in downtown Rochester. The restaurant has diner-style counter seating, and is known for its malts, burgers and old school atmosphere.

  2. Paint Creek Trail is a little over eight miles long, taking you through beautiful scenery in Oakland County. Every day the trail is packed with people of all ages who love to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the outdoors. The trail is also known for a hidden spot with graffiti rocks, where many people come and spray paint the rocks and take pictures.

  3. South Street is a fun place to shop in downtown Rochester. The South Street Skate Shop is known for selling streetwear apparel like Vans, Thrasher and Brixton. Along with their large array of skateboards for sale, the shop sells unique gifts for any age.

  4. Dessert Oasis is a popular coffee shop known for their coffee, cheesecake and fun latte art. The shop also has live music entertainment and open mic nights

  5. Meadow Brook Hall is a 1500-acre historic home now belonging to Oakland University. Built in 1926, the home is known for its beautiful architecture, mansion tours and is a popular wedding spot. On the Meadow Brook property is Meadow Brook Amphitheatre, an outdoor music venue. The venue is the perfect place for affordable summer concerts.


Written by, photograph courtesy of Kylie Tharp

Inside the State Capitol, Lansing MI
Inside the State Capitol, Lansing, MI

The Capital City has so much to offer from shopping, history, attractions, and food. Growing up here, there was always so much to do.

  1. 1. Michigan State Capitol: The Capitol of Michigan houses the representatives and senators that run the government in the state. There is so much rich history in this building about the state and its creation. Not to mention the beautiful architecture in the building and the artwork inside of the past and present governors.

2. Blondie's Barn: In my opinion this is the best brunch place in the Lansing area. This family owned restaurant makes you feel at home and has the best food. I highly recommend getting a latte and an omelet. I always miss this place while away for school.3.Old Town: The most artistic part of Lansing. Complete with galleries, small shops, eateries, and so much more along the Grand River. The best place for a nice walk and shopping experience.

3. Strange Matter Coffee: The cutest (and aesthetically pleasing) coffee shop. Perfect for your artsy latte photos. They also have multiple locations all over the area.

4. Harris Nature Center: My favorite hike in the area. Multiple trails give way to beautiful wooded areas and a river and creeks. This place is very close to my heart and so peaceful.


Written by, photograph courtesy of Chloe Tulgetske

Higgins Lake, Roscommon, MI

Overall, Roscommon is a cool place to visit if you are into the outdoors, because it is such a small town, that’s all that is available. It’s a very tight knit community of people and great activities to keep yourself occupied during the summer.

1. Higgins Lake: One of the clearest lakes in Michigan and a prime spot to be in the summer. You can boat, fish, swim, or even just lay on the multiple beaches on the outside of the lake.

2. Canoeing at Campbell’s: A fun trip down the south branch of the Ausable River. Recommended trip: the five-hour trip past the ruins of Durant’s Castle which was an old house that burnt down, and only remains remain on the edge of the river.

3. Pere Cheney: One of the most haunted places in Michigan. An abandoned ghost town with a cemetery and a rich history of how the town died off. The story goes that a witch put a spell on the town and all the townspeople died off, leaving the town empty.

4. Ausable Bakery: The best place for ice-cream, and other sweet treats. Chloe highly recommends the s'mores ice cream, which she says is the best.

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